May 24, 2024


Multiple agencies of police worked together on Wednesday night in order to locate a vehicle stolen from Latrobe.

Richard Bosco, chief of the Latrobe Police Department said a 14 year old who had escaped from the local detention centre was driving the vehicle when the police arrested him. Bosco stated that in the past few weeks four vehicles were stolen, and three of these incidents involved juveniles who had escaped the Adelphoi Detention Center.

Bosco reported that the teenager stole a vehicle from a DoorDash Driver on Wednesday evening.

The driver, who was making a deliver and felt innocent enough to do so, left the door of the car open with the engine still running. As he ran to the car, the driver saw a man who had just escaped a juvenile detention facility. He took advantage of the door that was open and made his getaway.

KDKA TV received ring video that showed heavy police presence at Jefferson Street, where the police were looking for the teenager.

It was chaotic. “It was chaos,” Chelsea Huff said, as she watched police arrive on her street.

They just closed the perimeter on him until he left the car in the alleyway and fled on foot. Bosco stated that they apprehended him, and then the young man was not held accountable for his actions.

Bosco reported that the same incident occurred just days earlier after three juveniles fled the detention centre in the hope of returning home to Harrisburg.

Bosco claimed that the technology in the vehicle helped the officers find the criminals.

OnStar, Bluelink and many other technologies are now embedded into the majority of new vehicles and allow us to track cars stolen. Bosco explained that not only can we track stolen vehicles, but also shut them down when the time is right. When we finally got a hold of that vehicle and were able track it, the car was heading into Harrisburg. With the help of Harrisburg Police Department we managed to disable the vehicle so they could apprehend and retrieve the vehicle.

Bosco reported that a car had been stolen from Unity Township a few days earlier.

Bosco stated that “in this case, the juveniles and young adults who took their parents’ car without permission” were not to be blamed.

Bosco stated that a stolen fourth vehicle was abandoned later in Jeanette. He claimed that juveniles who had escaped the detention centre were responsible for this incident.

His department has now partnered with Adelphoi Detention Center in order to help prevent incidents such as this.

Bosco stated that the incidents have become more frequent over the past two weeks. “We want to help them stop this to ensure that no one gets injured, or worse, that there isn’t a loss of lives or damage to property,” he said.

Bosco urges its residents to secure their homes and cars to avoid such a tragedy.

In all recent cases of car theft, he said that the vehicles had been left unlocked in some instances and the keys even inside.

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