July 21, 2024

By Cinzia Raineri Djerbouh

Alberto Casiraghy is the friend of Milanese Poet: “That bed should remain there, as a memorial to vandalism. It is sad that the bridge has fallen into such a state of neglect.”

The Alda Merini bridge, dedicated to the poetess of Navigli, is a mess, with graffiti, stickers, and trash. Today, there was news about a stale mattress left next to a plaque dedicated to Alda Merini. It is located right beside the stairway.

In 2019, the stone bridge that crosses the Naviglio Grande was renamed after “the poet of the Navigli” to honor her 10 years since her death, on 1 November 2009. The structure, which is just a few metres from Merini’s house in Ripa Di Porta Ticinese, 47, was named after her 10 years after she died on November 1, 2009.

Alberto Casiraghy is a dear friend of the Milanese Poet and the editor. He says, “When I walk by the Navigli every Saturday it’s always an amazing feeling. For 23 years I brought the pamphlets that Alda Merini had printed to him.” She loved this bridge: she lived right in front and would often lean on it while looking at the river. The mattress will be immediately removed by calling the City Council. It could be left as a memorial to show people how sad it is that the bridge has fallen into disrepair.

The stone bridge is a great way to pay tribute to the renowned Milanese writer, but it’s also a place where couples have been hanging padlocks for many years as a sign of their eternal love. The stone bridge is also one of the best-known amongst the Naviglio’s many bridges. It is often used as a backdrop in numerous photos. The bridge, then, is an important location in Milan that is today abandoned. It is in a state of clear abandonment. The structure has been covered with graffiti and stickers despite attempts by the City Council to remove the writings. The painting is part of an overall framework that typifies the Milanese Nightlife. Since years, neighbors have complained about the condition of the area: the loud noises, the screams, the smells, and the trash left on the streets.

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