May 24, 2024

By Chattanoonga

Police were contacted by a woman who said she had seen her car two days earlier parked in the driveway of a friend. However, it is now gone. She was told by a friend that her vehicle had been parked at their residence overnight because it was parked right next to the car. She said the keys were in the car. NCIC has reported her vehicle as stolen.

On Allemande Way, a woman and man told the police the soon-to-be ex wife of the man was contacting the woman’s best friend and telling her that the husband was endangering and searching her vehicle. Both the woman and man said they wanted to document this at this point.

On Dreamcatcher Way a neighbor reported a noise complaint to police. They said they heard loud sounds coming from the residence. The homeowner told police that they had a girl’s night out and always complain about the same neighbour. The police did not see any violations of noise. When police arrived, all the girls had already left the house.

Z-Motors, located at 6808 Shallowford Road, was the destination of a police dispatch. The police found a Kia Optima that had its front lights on, the rear driver’s window broken and also the steering wheel. The damage to the car is believed to be the result of an attempted vehicle theft, although the police are unsure as the shop was closed, and its owner wasn’t on the scene. BWC was activated and worn during the call for service.

While responding to another call, police recognized the man they had previously interacted with at O’Grady Drive/Gundy Lane. Police responded to a separate call from the man who asked to be taken to Signal Mountain. They took him without incident to Signal Hills Drive 100.

Owner of Rogers Super Market at 1400 E. Main St. reported indecent display by a female on the premises. The woman had changed into clothing by the time police arrived. They also spoke to the owner of the property. He said yes when asked if the woman should be removed from the property. The woman is told that she will be removed from the property after both warrants have been run. She acknowledged the situation, collected her belongings and left without incident.

Subway 115 Browns Ferry Road was alerted to a suspicious individual. The police found a female black loitering around the Subway property, allegedly harassing people for money. She said she was homeless. She accepted to be taken to the Community Kitchen where she would receive some help.

Jeffery Lane was in disorder. No one was cooperating when police arrived and told them they weren’t needed or trusted.

An employee of the Mapco at 100 W. 20th St. told police that an older, white woman wearing a black skirt and a yellow top had placed several soft drinks in her canvas bag. The woman put back the soft drinks when the employee confronted her.

Police were contacted by a woman who lives on Horse Creek Drive. She told them she had found pills in a container that was in her driveway. The woman did not know what the small tablets were, but wanted to give them to police. The pills were identified by the police as Allegra allergy medication and Excedrin. The police disposed them of the pills because they were not illegal.

On Standifer Gap Road, a woman called the police to report an auto theft. She told police that a man whose name she had given to the police regularly borrowed the car and was believed to be in possession of the vehicle at the moment. He is also not answering his telephone. The police told her that the vehicle had fled multiple times from them, even an hour before she requested this report. She could not provide any information about him. She insisted that she was not fleeing police with her car.

On routine patrol, officers found a wallet in 400 Frazier Ave. The wallet contained identification of a male. The wallet was taken to the CPD Property Division and made available to its owner.

The woman told the police her ex-husband wanted to talk to her when he returned their son to them. He said the school their son attends is terrible and that he would like to send him somewhere else. When she closed the door, her ex-husband put his foot on the threshold so that they could continue talking. She recorded their conversation and both parties seemed to be having a rational discussion. She wanted to report the incident to police if it escalated further.

On Metro Park Lane, a disorder has been reported. The neighbor told police that a fight had broken out between the man and woman of her neighbor. When the woman reached into the car to get her cellphone, the male driver took off with the female hanging partially out. The incident occurred when the woman fell from the vehicle, and refused to allow EMS personnel to examine her. When she called dispatch to tell her neighbor she didn’t want to talk to the police, the woman refused to do so when the police arrived.

The woman complained that her neighbor on Fisher Avenue was loudly playing music. Police were told that tensions between her and the neighbor have been ongoing. The neighbor tries to disturb her at night by playing loud songs. The music began at three in the morning, according to her. However, police did not hear anything coming from the neighbor’s flat. The police tried to contact the neighbor but failed. The police gave the woman a card with a complaint and advised her to call CHA about the matter.

On Monte Vista Drive, a woman told the police that her car, a CAD SRX 06, had been damaged by an unknown individual who smashed an unknown object into the windshield. There were 3-4 points of impact, as well as sugar that appeared in the fuel tank. Due to humidity and the lack of fingerprints, the police could not pull prints from the tank. She last saw it undamaged at 10 pm the night before. She said she would contact her neighbors to get video and any other relevant information for CPD, pending an investigation. No suspect information has been gathered.

Police were called by a woman who lives on Garfield Street. She told them that someone had thrown a brick through her window at around 4:00 p.m. They observed damage as they walked along the side of the home. No suspects were identified.

On Apex Lane, there was a suspicious vehicle parked on an open field. Gudel’s towed the vehicle after it was determined to be a stolen one. Owner notified. The vehicle has been removed from NCIC.

The man told the police that he had noticed his white 2019 Vitacci Bahama VI was stolen from his yard in the morning. The moped, he said, was still in his yard at 11:23 pm the night before. NCIC reported the vehicle as stolen.

The police were called to a disturbance between a wife and husband on Forest Highland Dr. They found that the woman was drunk and couldn’t get into the house because the lock was locked, and she didn’t have a key. This was the cause of their argument. They both agreed to leave each other alone for the rest of the night.

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