May 24, 2024


Flooding and roof damage caused considerable losses in material and homes.

In Huancayo, the first rains which began in late August caused damage to some areas in Canipaco Valley and Santo Domingo de Acobamba district. The Civil Defense of the Huanca community reports that 10 families have already been assisted.

The rain has hurt us. On September 13th, around 9pm, we were asleep when a powerful wind blew off our roof. The rains then flooded the entire house. “Thank God, my wife and children were uninjured. But we had nothing left,” said Yerson Camargo.

The Ancamayo Annex is located in Santo Domingo de Acobamba. Two houses with the only rustic wall remaining are in the same square.

The mayor of Santo Domingo de Acobamba Olivio Samueliego Estrada pointed out, for his part, that the town has no road, and the trip, at mule pace, can take more than six hours. The mayor said that they had sought help from Huancayo’s Civil Defense, who donated mattresses, corks and other items.

Katy Corilloclla said, on her behalf, that 10 families have received assistance so far.

The official stated that “Two kit were delivered to Santo Domingo as well as 8 other affected areas, and it was registered in El Canipaco whose homes had been flooded by rains during this year.”

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