June 22, 2024

By WGME via Newsource staff

Authorities said that a man died in Maine after the storm Monday caused extensive damage throughout the entire state.

The police in Windham responded around 12:30 p.m. to an alarm about a tree which had fallen through a house.

Officials claim that the homeowner Troy Olson was trying to clear the debris from the roof when the other part of the tree fell and struck the man.

WGME interviewed Jon Breton. He was a neighbor driving past the home at the time when he noticed a part of the branch hit the house.

Breton: “I was expecting him to remove some of the internal limbs because there were so many limbs inside.”

Breton stated that he had gone to Home Depot in order to buy some plywood for his neighbor. He said that he, along with others, told Olson to not touch the tree when they were at the store.

“There was an expert on trees there, and I was right here.” Even the expert tree-cutter was unsure about the situation. Breton said that he told him, “Don’t get up until the storm is over.” It was a terrible tragedy.

Olson was hit with the broken second half of the large pine that fell.

Olson died on the spot, according to police, and there were other people in the house at the time.

The authorities are warning everyone to remain in their homes during severe weather and stay off of the road.

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