June 22, 2024


Nana’s hot dog shop is one of the two restaurants that were busy Tuesday boarding up, assessing damage and repairing it.

The fire occurred on Federal Street, in the North Side. Both Nana’s New York Hot Dogs, and El Burro Uno have been closed due to the extensive damage. This is a devastating blow to these families just a few days before Christmas.

On Tuesday, smoke and red flashing lights covered Federal Street in the North Side as firefighters scaled ladders to reach two businesses.

“Everything. The damage is extensive. Just the freezers, refrigerators, grills and fire are all bad. We intend to rebuild. “We’re rebuilding, and we will reopen. That is our goal”, said Danielle Fest. She’s the daughter of Nana New York Hot Dog’s owners.

Pittsburgh firefighters saw first the fires spreading near an alleyway. Nearby residents say that they saw a man living in a tent often near the back porch.

The firefighters found a man with cardiac problems and smoke inhalation near the building, but he did not live there.

Danielle Fest said medics took Rich, her father to hospital.

My dad saw the fire, tried to extinguish it with an extinguisher but realized that it was just too big for him. He got my stepmom and myself out.

Fire quickly spread throughout the house, reaching the roof and affecting the adjacent restaurant. El Burro Uno said on Facebook, “We suffered damage due to a fire that occurred in the neighborhood & are unsure when we can open again.” The Regent Square store is still open during normal business hours.

The fire department says it will now conduct an investigation.

It’s difficult to know. “I don’t wish to make any assumptions or speculations without knowing the facts.”


Fest: “Yes, extremely. Very annoying. “It’s very frustrating. They have two workers here and one of them has two children at home.

Both the owner and man found by firefighters outside Nana’s Hot Dog Shop are expected to recover.

The fire marshal will be arriving on Tuesday.

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