May 24, 2024

By Prithvi Man Shrestha

Initial estimates by the Ministry of Home Affairs indicate that 3,000 homes were completely damaged and 5,000 others were only partially affected.

Officials said that the deadly earthquake of Friday night in Nepal killed at least 157 and damaged around 8,500 houses, both public and private.

This quake was the most devastating in terms of human loss and damage to infrastructure since April 2015’s devastation.

Narayan Prasad Bhattarai is the spokesman of the Home Ministry. He said that according to the first estimate, 3,000 homes were fully damaged, while another 5,000 had partial damage. The final count of homes damaged is still to be done.

According to him the fully damaged houses should be rebuilt, while those that are partially damaged need repairs and maintenance.

According to the Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report 2015, in 2015, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude had destroyed nearly 800,000 homes and killed nearly 9,000 individuals. According to the Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report, 2015, in addition to nearly 800,000 houses being damaged, it also killed almost 9,000 people.

A report by Kantipur (a sister publication to the Post) states that Friday’s quake left 2,136 Rukum-West houses fully damaged, and 2,642 partially damaged.

According to a report from the District Administration Office, Rukum-West, 4,670 homes suffered minor damage. Initial estimates have put the damage from the earthquake at over Rs2 billion.

According to the Kantipur Report, 905 homes in Jajarkot have been damaged completely and 2 745 houses partially.

The epicentre was Ramidanda Village in Ward 1 of Barekot Rural Municipality. The rural municipality states that there are approximately 3,500 homes in the village.

There is barely a house left intact since the earthquake. Bir Bahadurgiri, the chairman of rural municipality, said to the Post that at least 90% of these houses need rebuilding.

According to the Department of Roads, in addition to causing damages to buildings, bridges and roads were also affected.

Three large landslides occurred along the Pasagad – Rimna section of the Bheri Corridor in Jajarkot Dunai, damaging and blocking the section. The quake also caused a large land slide at the Khalanga-Panchkatiya segment. The department also reported minor damage to a bridge located in Jajarkot’s Rimna district.

Sushil Dhakal said that the road and bridges in Nepal were largely unaffected by the 2015 earthquake. The latest earthquake did not cause any major damage to the infrastructure.

Government has not yet estimated the damage in money terms. The Cabinet met on Sunday and decided that the infrastructure would be rebuilt by creating an integrated plan.

According to the cabinet decision, Ministry of Urban Development is responsible for the construction of new buildings that are earthquake-resistant. The task should be finished within one year. The Cabinet’s decision states that “the road and communications infrastructure damaged by the earthquake will be repaired immediately and put into operation.”

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