July 21, 2024
By DawnKASUR: A minor girl died while an elderly man suffered serious injuries in two separate incidents of roof collapse in another heavy spell rain in Kasur on Tuesday. On the other hand, the river Sutlej started flowing in a low level flood once again as India released more water from its dam constructed on […]

By Dawn

In another heavy rain spell in Kasur on Tuesday, a minor girl died and an elderly man suffered serious injuries after two separate roof collapses.

Likewise, India released more water from its dam constructed on the river Sutlej, causing the river to flood once again.

In Dhutta village, the roof of Nazir Ahmed’s house caved in during rain, burying 12-year-old Rashida alive. Rescue 1122 took the body from the debris.

In village Bhagiwal, the roof of a room collapsed in a similar incident.

Sutlej’s water level rises

Subhan Khan, 70, suffered serious injuries in the incident. He was hospitalized.

Due to the rise in the Sutlej water on Tuesday, the district administration cancelled Muharram holidays for officials of the Rescue 1122 and other related departments.

About a dozen villages along the Sutlej that lost their road connections in the floodwaters were evacuated by the administration and rescue teams.

As the water level receded, over 14,000 villagers who had been evacuated from flood-hit villages started returning home.

During the night between Monday and Tuesday, the discharge of water in the Sutlej at Talwar post was 66,000 cusecs, which was raised to over 73,000 cusecs.

Flooding began at 60,000 cusecs.

District Police Officer Tariq Aziz suspended a sub-inspector on Tuesday for posting hate material on social media.

In a WhatsApp group, the SI assigned to the Khudian Police Station posted material that annoyed followers of a sect. The followers petitioned the DPO, who suspended the SI and ordered an investigation.

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