May 24, 2024

By Paty Quyn

The Water Street Market, in New Paltz, welcomed shoppers and coffee drinkers with some colorful graffiti as they entered the market. The latest graffiti to appear on buildings and business is this one.

Water Street Market can be found in New Paltz, near Wallkill River. This isn’t the first time that someone used the marketplace as a canvas to express themselves. It is not the first time that someone has felt the urge to paint the American Flag statue on the property, which had been there for over 20 years.

New Paltz’s businesses and graffiti are not new. You can see graffiti on buildings or street corners as you drive through the town. This is the S.Butt Corners Sign.

It is my understanding, but I’ve never seen this file. The New Paltz Police Department has local graffiti pictures. They take the photos to find taggers, but also because they want a record of any damage that the graffiti has caused.

America Flag Sculpture in New Paltz Defaced by Graffiti

It is clear that the events in the Middle East are horrifying. New Paltz has a reputation for being a place where residents feel comfortable expressing their opinions on almost anything. This is a bad example of how to express oneself. It will only add unnecessary costs for a business owner, and ruin a work of art.

It is hard to imagine how blue paint on a piece of artwork could be good. It is unlikely that the paint will wash off, so removing it would most likely cause further damage to this sculpture. The artist may decide to remove or fix the blue paint.

According to what I have found online the cost of graffiti repair costs millions each year in the United States and says repairing damage from graffiti averages around $3300 per incident.

According to my research, graffiti has existed as a street art form since ancient times. The work of the World Famous Banksy was questioned at various times, and many businesses today would not dare to remove his artwork.

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