May 24, 2024

By Angélica Segura

The IMSS Gynecology and Obstetrics hospital hosted a meeting of feminist groups

On September 28, more than 200 feminists from Toluca demanded the decriminalization of abortion by the state of Mexico.

The IMSS Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, located in Toluca’s center, was a gathering of feminist groups who painted ambulances and shouted messages to demand that abortions be legalized, free and safe.

The groups, wearing green scarves and surrounded by signs, green smoke and purple fume, walked the streets of Toluca’s Historic Center to call for legal abortion.

Businesses lowered curtains in fear for their merchandise and establishments. They broke windows on their way and painted the walls green and purple.

A small altercation between the police guarding the Government Palace and the Superior Court of Justice of the Judiciary took place, but it didn’t escalate.

They read out their petition outside the Local Chamber of Deputies and spoke about safe abortion.

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