July 21, 2024

By  Andrew Topping

There is a significant amount of asbestos in a Mansfield, England school that has a roof which could be “catastrophic”.

Nottinghamshire County Council intends to fix it at a cost of PS1.2million.

The planning application of Intake Farm Primary School, located on Armstrong Road was approved after the inspection of the defects in the building.

The Conservative-led authority invests PS9.2m into 20 schools in the county which need urgent repair.

The council says that the project is aimed at ensuring schools “meet standard”.

Mansfield District Council now has granted approval for the improvements.

Last month, the county council revealed that it would replace and strengthen the roof of the school as well as its suspended ceilings.

In addition, the LED bulbs in the lighting will be changed, the wall tiles replaced and the asbestos removed from various parts of the building.

During the submission of the application, a school assessment found that asbestos containing materials scored highly.

Contractors should have easy access to asbestos, and it must be removed or tested.

In the library, the staff room, the office, the dining room and the classrooms at the school, asbestos textiles and paper were discovered.

The plasterboard ceilings in the old building are also “in poor condition”. They need to be changed.

A structural engineer needs to review the roof of this school because there are areas that have water damage.

The district council approved the documents last week after they were submitted by Arc Partnership the contractor of the county council.

This includes replacing the existing roof panels, ceiling panels, roof lining and external clay wall tiles.

The structural engineer had previously declared the roof structures in classrooms 5 and 24 as unsound.

“Asbestos, old roof coverings that are not suitable, and wear and tear.”

The report stated that the ceiling boards of the old building were held up by a random number of timber hangers which had been nailed on the roof joists.

In the areas inspected, one nail was used to attach the ceiling support joist.

This was considered extremely dangerous because water could cause the nail to corrode and collapse the ceiling.

The vertical tiles will be replaced and repaired in the pattern of fish scales that is arranged across the exterior wall.

Arc said that the wall had “suffered from a combination between ball play into walls and normal wear and tear”.

A spokeswoman for the council confirmed that affected classrooms had been closed since last fall.

Council also pointed out that since issues began to arise, temporary accommodation has been utilized.

Local Democracy Reporting Service, which is a service of the Local Democracy Reporting Service and the County Council’s Cabinet member for Asset Management Keith Girling (Con) told Local Democracy Reporting Service in a recent interview that this project was crucial.

He said that it was about making sure schools met our standards.

We’ve rated them according to the urgency of their situation and any issues that need to be resolved.

A spokesperson from Mansfield Council’s Planning Department said that “the proposal… was necessary because the existing roofing construction failed.”

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