July 21, 2024

By Tim Hanlon

Paul and Lynda Benjamin-David’s historic thatched house was ravaged by a fire started by sparks from the stove of a neighbor. They are now seeking compensation in the amount of PS415,000.

The owners of a PS1 million thatched cottage, which was destroyed in an blaze caused by sparks from the stove of their neighbours, are seeking compensation.

In November 2017, Paul and Lynda Benjamin-David watched their historical home in Lower Froyle in Alton in Hampshire go up in smoke. The fire swept through a row of houses and required more than 70 firefighters to put it out.

The Ben-Davids are now seeking PS415,000. They have filed a lawsuit against Hiscox, the insurer. According to reports, the fire began in the cottage of Gordon Mitchell and partner. The lawsuit claims that the flue over their neighbor’s roof was too low.

It took several hours to finally put the fire out around 5am. The 76-year-old Mr Mitchell was able to escape from the fire thanks to a neighbour who knocked on his window.

My next-door neighbour called the fire department. He saw flames on the roof while we were inside. He knocked at our window, called the fire department and told us that there was a roof fire. He said that he thought it started within minutes, according to the Mail. The fire brigade arrived very quickly, which is remarkable for a village. We are trying to salvage what we can. The first floor was a total loss. We kept the majority of what we could on the ground floor, but everything else went.

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