May 24, 2024

By Redacción 0223

There were 85 stolen vehicles, which is 23 more than the previous month. It increased 150% compared to August 2022. In the area of jurisdiction of the 4th police station, the highest number was recorded.

According to the latest report by the Municipal Center for Strategic Analysis, car thefts increased 150 percent in August compared with the same period last year. The theft of 85 vehicles was a result of robbery, and only 20% were stolen.

In August, 85 vehicles had been reported as stolen or missing. This is 23 more than July. The total number of vehicles is now 626 after eight months. This is 62% higher than the previous period.

Chevrolet Corsa is the top-stolen car again, despite a shift in brands from the month before. Fiat, Ford, and Volkswagen are now at the top of the list. The same eight cars as the previous month, the Chevrolet Corsa doubles Ford Ka’s Toyota Hilux’s and Volkswagen Gol’s.

CeMAED’s reports identify “hot zones” based on complaints. Car theft is found in Mexico, Alvarado and Grecia streets, as well as Pedro Luro Avenue. San Cayetano and Area Centro were among the neighborhoods with the highest number of robberies.

The Saturday is the day of the weekend with the highest number of robberies, and the theft of vehicles. This value can be doubled or even more than the other days. On Fridays and on Thursdays the lowest values were observed, with the remainder of the week showing similar figures.

The most events were recorded between 4 p.m. and 12 noon, despite the fact that it is impossible to pinpoint the exact time of the theft, as there are a number of factors that can influence the timing.

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