July 21, 2024

By  Amanda Hari

The stolen items, worth more than $100k in total, were taken from an used car dealer in Hayward. All of it was caught on camera.

City Motors, located on Mission Boulevard near Hayward in the early hours of Sunday morning was the victim of a break-in.

KRON4 asked the general manager how it happened. Not only is there a loss of inventory but also damage to the building, and the possibility that a second robbery will occur. The thieves took not only four cars but also the keys for every car in the parking lot.

Video footage of an auto theft (above), shows several men breaking in to Hayward City Motors, stealing four vehicles and driving one of them through the front door of the store.

“It’s shocking. “Violated,” said City Motors Manager Emilio Espinosa.

Espinosa said the men entered through the side entrance just after midnight. They then went to the lockbox with the keys to all the cars and broke it open using an axe.

It’s definitely planned. Professionals are doing it all around the Bay (Area).

The suspects took two cars from the parking lot and one from the showroom. The police were called by witnesses and arrived just before midnight. However, the suspects returned.

Espinosa stated that “after the police left this area alone, they returned and took the second vehicle out of the dealership.”

The business spent about $8000 just on changing the locks because the men stole all the keys. There’s also the cost of the damages to the building.

Espinosa stated that the money they received was “a good chunk, about $50,000-$60,000, plus the car value, or probably more than $100,000.”

Espinosa hopes that video footage will assist them in catching the suspected.

He said, “If you know these people, please let them know.” They shouldn’t do this, but that is the way it is. Everyone has to live, and they do whatever it takes to survive. But unfortunately, it’s not the right thing to do.

City Motors was a victim of theft in the past.

A few years back, several cars were removed from the parking lot. The police recovered the vehicles, even though they never located the suspects. This gives the manager hope that they might get their vehicles back.

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