June 22, 2024

By Miguel Santiesteban

On a Miami road, dozens of cars are racing around a fire ring. A dangerous illegal car maneuver has been causing a stir on social media and attracted the attention of Miami residents. Due to the street closures. The incident was described by witnesses as an event from a film, and many were forced to witness it: “We had no choice but to watch the cars enter the fire circle that had been drawn on the road. You could see 10 to 15 cars waiting on either side of the circle. Witnesses in Model City in Miami were terrified to see what happened. “Quite a number of people who are filming have thrown gasoline into the circle”, they said. This was no film, it was a fire ring that caught on fire this morning at the corner of 54th Street & Seventh Street. The cars were forced to run around. Cell phones were used by drivers stuck in traffic to capture the challenging takeover by dozens vehicles of a street in Model City. We were three cars in front of us when we arrived. It took about twenty minutes and about 25 minutes before the police showed up. One witness said, “There were a lot cars but there was no police. We were leaving a music concert.” The spots on the floor are still there a day after the incident. What worried the trapped drivers the most were the nearby gas stations, which were only a few steps from the fire ring.

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